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Enjoy Going in Circles

Have you ever noticed that kids usually don’t ever need inspiration for creating? They are always ready to pick up a paint brush, crayon, marker, clay, and jump right in. I think part of it comes from how new everything is for them, and part is just them liking to go through the motions. Sometimes they pick up a crayon and aren’t making anything, but you can see clearly that they are enjoying the back and forth motion, or are appreciating just going in circles.
I think adults need to, every once in a while, do the same. Look at the world through the eyes of a child, like you are seeing it for the first time. Un-jaded, pre-judged. A world filled with free-flowing art and people enjoying going through the motion wouldn’t be a bad thing. What do you think?

img_4243A beautiful Masterpiece created by my little girl.


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Thank Full

Every Thanksgiving I like to think of all of the things in my life I am grateful for and lucky to have. It is so easy to take for granted and to forget what is really important. I know I am not alone in this tradition, but I would like to share a few of those things with you.

This week Carson was being downright obstinate. She was nasty and bad tempered. After screaming at her,I took a deep breath and went in her room to talk with her. When I asked her what was wrong,
she broke down and cried. She said that a week ago she had tied her shoelaces together at school, and when no one could get them untied, the recess Aid had to cut them. She felt awful and embarrassed. It may seem trivial, but to a child it is the whole world. She had been holding it in for a whole week and that is why she was being nasty. She had this on her mind and didn’t want to tell anyone.

I am glad she told me.

Along with being very thankful for my husband, who can still make me laugh,

And our children, whom I love greatly,

And the innumerable other beautiful things in our lives,

I am thankful that our problems still can be solved with talking and listening.


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Butt Mom

Have you ever had one of those days where you hear something over and over from your children and it is oh so hard to break the cycle? My older daughter’s favorite way to begin a sentence is “But Mom..”.

“But Mom, WHY can’t I blah blah blah”. ” But MOM Why can’t we blah blah blah”.

You get the idea.

One day after an exhausting day of answering the same questions over and over, I turned to my inquisitive child and said “That is NOT my name. Please do not call me BUTT MOM, it is not nice.”

That did it. Laughing and giggling from both of us. She then tried to stop saying it, but it is like when someone says “Don’t scratch it”. You HAVE to.

Most of the time I feel as though we are living in a Marx Brother’s movie.


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Looking For Inspiration?

OK. I am not into the habit of promoting other people’s Blogs (that I don’t know) , but this woman is amazing and remarkably creative. One of those people that makes you feel (unintentionally) like all you do is sit around and eat Bon Bons.
At the same time, I get this wave of inspiration from looking at these beautiful images and reading her eloquent writing. She has written a book, so of course, I took it out from the library. Very worth looking at. Good ideas that will get you making your own natural crafts in no time.

It is called “The Creative Family”, by Amanda Soule. Her Blog is http://www.SouleMama.com

Check it out!

What are you just sitting there for? There are art supplies to organize and toys to create! Who knows where this can lead? World domination by way of Hand knitted Tea cozies! Oh, I have said too much:)

Happy Crafting!

img_3632This is one of my creations.

Fabric-covered Can that is useful when organizing art supplies.

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As I took my morning walk I was thinking about how very lucky I am. I have the ability to listen to the birds and breathe the fresh crisp Autumn air, and I can use my body to climb up hills and walk just about anywhere. I can feel my heart pound in my chest, and it makes me glad.
I also was thinking of people that don’t ever take the time to slow down and sometimes even stop to enjoy what lies around us. There can be so much joy found in hearing a child’s laugh, or watching a leaf fall ever so graciously to the earth.
It is nice to step outside my own mind every once in a while to really take in what is around me. I hope you all find little patches of peace, and slow down enough to appreciate them.


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What do you see?

Here is a new Batik Sling fabric I found today. I am so intrigued by it. I see a winter landscape thick with bare trees.

My younger daughter said that it is “spider webby”.

What do you see?


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Comfort in Color

As I was sewing baby slings tonight, I was thinking about why I chose the colors I did. Obviously you can’t please everyone, so I usually choose colors I am attracted to. The reasons came so easily once I gave them thought. Hats, I choose bright, vibrant colors. The colors of what childhood should be. Slings, on the other hand, have to be something that a parent would wear and is drawn to for cradling and comforting their baby. I was sewing a bright blue with dots on it, that clearly resembled bubbles to me. So happy. Next, came one of my favorites, the solid red one. Reminds me instantly of the robes of Tibetan Monks. So peaceful, so serene. Perfect for calming a baby. The next one sticks out a bit from the others. Why did I choose this? Almost looks as if Paul Bunyan wore it. Its flannel-like plaid looks oh so familiar…..

Grandpa. It is the same color as a shirt that my grandfather used to wear. I can still smell the leather from his favorite chair, and taste the cashews we used to share when I look at this fabric. He had this calm about him that I have always admired. How incredibly perfect for carrying a child. My subconscious seems to have led me to the essence of what color has the capability to do.

Parents need their colors of comfort too.


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