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New Year’s Revolutions

The other day my older daughter asked what our “New Year’s Revolutions” were. I normally don’t make resolutions, but I may make a Revolution! Time to overthrow bad policies and things that are not working. Time to Change! Sound the charge! Take up Arms! Hug your Sister! This revolution will now be Blogged about!

Well, maybe not…

but it is a word that embodies passion. Resolutions are much more passive. To resolve. To make a promise.

Revolutions take action. If I were to make a promise for this New Year, it would be to start a Revolution against all that needs fixing. To not stand passive and accept bad decisons, but to change them. To make a difference, personally and globally.

I will.

I would LOVE to hear some of your Revolutions for this upcoming year.

Hear Here.

towheetwoEven the smallest of creatures can make a difference.


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Donation Quilt

Here is the latest Quilt that I have completed. I made it in 2 days ( a new record) with all left over fabrics I already had (that’s the best part!).

I am donating to my daughter’s School Auction. I hope it goes to a good home.

img_4566This is one of my favorite Quilt Fabrics.
img_4567Perfect size for a Newborn Baby

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Warm and Fuzzy

With all of this snow and cold that we’ve had lately, all I wanted for Christmas was Fuzzy and Warm. I received two great pairs of Fuzzy Socks and Flannel Sheets. I am now ready to Hibernate. I do admit, it sounds like I am 80, but along with my steaming hot cup of Chamomile Tea and my Heating Pad (Ol’ Blue), those socks and sheets are the perfect little nest for me to rest in at night. Ah…so comfy.


I’ll post more tomorrow.

Gonna go and climb in and get warm.

I will leave you all tonight with some of my images of Cozy.


These are a pair of my fuzzies.

img_4544You can’t tell from the picture, but this is the Steaming Hot Cup of Chamomile (in a very special cup made for me by my 9 year old)

img_4520Oh So Cozy, reading a cookbook. Also some of my favorite Cozy things…Food:)

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OK. I rarely will post 2 posts in one day, but I couldn’t help but share. I got to open a present from our 9 year old today after much persuading (Alright I didn’t need too much:).

Her class put together these incredibly beautiful Collective Works, bound with yarn they stitched into a handmade paper Cover. Lovely to look at, but even better to read.

They had a visit from a Poet that inspired them to write their own for their families.

I am so proud to share this with all of you.




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Everyone seems to have their very own special traditions this time of year.

One of the things we do is, each of the kids get to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. This year, since we have been snowed in for more days than I care to remember, present opening came in the morning today. We needed a little something special.

I made these presents for them the other night, when I realized our mail cannot get through, and their main presents would not be here in time for Christmas. I think these will be the ones we remember fondly.

img_4503A Felt Crown for our Royalty.

csdressA dress for our little Fashionista.

Another tradition in our house is, Santa hangs the candy Canes on our tree. When we awaken tomorrow morn (Oh so early), we shall find this little bit of magic that Santa left behind. All of the candy canes that were once in the box, will hang ever so gracefully upon our tree, placed there by loving hands and waiting for the children to find them there.

All of my Family wish you and your Families A very Merry Christmas!!!

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Cabin Fever

Here are some more photographs from our family while we are snowed in. We are getting a bit of Cabin Fever, but feel very lucky that everyone is here and safe and we still have power (Knock Wood!)

I think by the time we are plowed out, we will have made an entire Village of Snow People.

img_4490This is Frosty Bob Snowman.

img_4489From the Side

img_4493View from a walk

img_44951Berry Bush under its Blanket of Snow

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A few Images from Winter

We just got more snow. This area is not used to getting snow, and geographically, it makes it difficult to travel (with all of the very steep hills), not to mention that plowing the County takes a really long time.

So we are here. Warm, snug, and fed.

Here are a few images from our lives.

I hope these find you all safe, snug, and nourished as well.

img_4463Our yard

img_4456My Girl found a friend

img_4467Attempting to shovel before more snow falls

img_4470A bowl of oranges brighten things up

img_4479Making Doll Quilts

img_4477A Warm Snuggle

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