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Here is what this desk


has evolved into….


img_5079I am sure you notice the white paint on the rug. That is what steam cleaners are for! I love that machine…But that is a story for another day.

img_5077I started to decoupage pictures on the desk’s top. I may continue with this. It is a great way to hide imperfections and it is the lazy person’s solution to painting all of the images.

I am still not sure it is completed, yet, but I am sure that it is better than it started. So even if I stop here, I can live with it.


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A Spring-Like Post

I am contemplating where I want this desk project to go. In the meantime, I am posting these very colorful pictures to help us bring in Spring. It seems it is having a bit of trouble arriving (around these parts anyway).

The first is a gift from a little friend of Julia’s. She made this beautiful coloring book so that my daughter could color it in. So sweet.


Next is a project that the kids did at our local Library. They had precut flowers of every size, popsicle sticks, glue and tape. Very simple and lots of fun. The best part is, they don’t wilt!



Enjoy these colorful creations, and I will post more on Project Feather soon!

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Project Feather Update

Last night began my journey into transforming my nasty desk into something beautiful. So I cranked up some tunes by The Clash and got to it.

I added another layer tonight. This time I was playing an Indian influenced compilation called
“The Rough Guide to Bhangra Dance”.

Just what I needed. Can you see the influence? My hips started rhythmically swaying and the paint was flowing.

Here’s the next layer in the project.




img_5060I distressed the drawers tonight. Don’t worry. They are OK.

See you tomorrow!

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Project Feather

We have had this nasty particle board nightmare of a desk for about 10 years now.We have been saying that we are going to get rid of it for just as long.

It is as ugly as it is heavy.

This week I have come to the realization that we will not be, in fact, getting rid of this desk anytime soon, so I might as well make it prettier.

That is exactly what I am doing.


In my fit of
rage insanity, I pulled everything off, and primed it.

img_5036I like it better already.

But I pressed on… I have a vision of feathers. Lots of feathers.

So the next layer was born.

img_5043That is as far as I can get  tonight. I will update tomorrow when I add yet another layer.

I know you will be on the edge of your seats until then.

I hope you can wait. I know I can’t!

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Watching my children teaches me many things as well as reminds me of things that I used to do. Today my darling little 3 year old was sitting in a position that hurt my eyes to even look at, but I do remember, once upon a time ago, being able to do without giving it thought.

Now I reach for something on a high shelf and hurt myself. I walked up hill and pulled an ass muscle. And here my little daughter, so new, so flexible, sits reminding me of my age and limits.

(I suppose if I really wanted to practice, I could. I don’t think I want to put that much time in).

img_5032She often sits in positions making it look so effortless. And it is for her.

img_4745I am not sure that I can get my “bendy” back, and not entirely sure I want to.

But I love that she can.

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Recycled Crayons

Tonight I made new crayons from old ones.

This is a beyond Brilliant idea. How I wish I knew about this as a child. When I think back on how many crayon stubs I threw away…Gah!


Anyhow, I found detailed instructions here:

Recycled Crayons

Then I tweaked the directions to fit my needs (we don’t own a microwave and there isn’t much sun around these days). Instead I used a water bath and some old cans to melt the wax.


I made these to give as gifts.


They came out so cute and I know that kids will love them.

train2Who wouldn’t want to draw with a train?


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Today was an extremely cold and grey day here in the Pacific NW.

The perfect day to go to the library. Even MORE perfect to go to the Library Book Sale. We always find such treasures there, and nothing is over $1.00. It is a MUST for anyone who has Book Hound Children (OR are Book Hounds themselves).

Traveling home with our new books in hand, we spot a Yard Sale sign. Really? It is COLD out. Well, it is too good to pass up. Let’s stop for a moment.

So we do.

The people there were moving at the end of the month and had to get rid of everything now. So, the woman there gives me a paper shopping bag and tells me to fill it up with anything I want for .50 cents. Wow.

Here’s what I found.

img_50062A bucket full of wooden balls. How could I just leave them there?? I have no idea what we will do with them, but aren’t they cool?

img_5005I also found about 20 brand new packets of Fimo Clay, plus the basket.

img_5007A brand new Strathmore Watercolor pad. You know me and really nice blank paper. A must.

All this plus another basket, for .50 cents.

It was a good day.

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