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Today my 9 year old needed to come up with a gift to make (I always try to put something homemade in) for a birthday party she is going to. It is an Asian-themed tea party.With my help, she came up with making hair chopsticks. They were so easy to make, and came out really great.

img_5453We had a bunch of those wooden chopsticks (don’t ask) already in the house. She took some beads, and straight pins (to hold the beads on), some embroidery thread, and glue.

Voila (wrong language), Some sticks for your hair!


Another thing that happened was my little one wrote a letter “A” on her chalkboard! It is the most beautiful letter “A” I have ever seen (what?I’m not biased.)



When I asked her where she learned this, she said her sister taught her.

I guess she came up with 2 gifts in one week. Brilliant child.


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Painting Day

A few days ago, I was driving in our neighborhood and I found this beauty sitting out with a FREE sign on it. So, I jump out of the car (I think I stopped it), and checked it out. I did the Wobble test and the Sniff test and also looked under, over, and on the side. It checked out. Aside from being very dirty, it was beautiful…or the potential was beautiful.

I threw it in our minivan (Oh how I LOVE that car), and came home with my new treasure.



Today was
spent painting it. It took some left over paint and a whole lot of patience (from both myself and my 3 year old). I set her up with her own painting area, and we both got to work.


Now she has a brand new table to share happy little picnics with her sister and friends.


img_5444We celebrated with a big bowl of popcorn.

It was a good find!

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Right Now

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

I ,personally, believe EVERY DAY should be Earth day. It is where we live. Should be a no brainer.

Keeping with that theme, here are some of my newest creations using recycled and re-purposed materials, and moments of celebrating the arrival of Spring…

My Right Now.

img_5400Right Now, when the kids go to bed, my table looks like this.

img_5362_21Right Now, it feels like we are in constant motion.

img_5371_2Right Now, I am enjoying the heck out of those super cute pants that I know she will grow out of soon.

img_5373_2Right Now, we are taking in the sun and savoring every moment outside.

img_5396Right now, I made these pants out of pillowcases and bandanas.




Right now I am enjoying where I am.

img_5311(*Picture taken by my 3 year old*)

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Weekend Cleanse

This weekend was spent purging our possessions at a garage sale.


It was a lot of work, but it was worth it to get rid of some of the things that we no longer use and know that they will go to people that can give them new life.

Speaking of that, I must share my latest thrift find (yup, I sold a bunch of stuff, only to go and get some more)
that I am very excited to give new life to.



Oh how I love this fabric. *Swoon*. I am planning on making some pants from it. Can’t you just see them now?

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New Addition

I am still on my sewing spree. I have added a very cute pair of white (I can hear your laughing from here) cotton pants for my preschooler made from one of my husband’s old dress shirts. They are so adorable, I can’t wait for her to try them on tomorrow!

img_5339I completely dig those pockets on the cuffs.

I have also decided to participate at our local Farmer’s Market this year and have added a few items for sale.

The first one is a skirt made from re-purposed dish towels. I LOVE them. So cute.


img_5347I can’t get enough of this incredible texture!

The other thing I have added are those cheeky little pants made from recycled T-shirts.
Please stop by if you are in the area. The Market runs from May 2 until October 10 at the Kingston Marina.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to email me.

See you there!

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Here are a few more I have made. I can’t help myself. It is fun to see them turn out and it is even more fun having my little one run around in them.

img_5316I made these using some spare fleece I had because she requested “fuzzy and warm” pants.





img_53361A little bit of Elvis, anyone?img_5335

img_5330These are so sweet made from linen and cotton printed material.

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I have no idea why I have not been making pants all of these years. I have just learned how, and it is EASY! What’s more is that I found someone who makes them out of old T-shirts. Brilliant. Beyond my wildest recycling, re-purposing dreams, brilliant (Yes, we can analyze my strange dreams later).

Not only does this combine that old favorite theme of mine, trash into treasure , it is quick and cheap and the kids LOVE them.

When my 9 year old was small, all I needed to know was how to make dresses. She was all about the dresses. Still is. But my 3 year old does not share her passion for them. She will wear a dress if her sister happens to put one on her, but not by choice. She likes comfortable lounge wear as I affectionately call it, because I share her affinity for the cozy.

So I looked.

I found a woman who makes these great pants and I gave it a try.

Easy Kid Pants


img_53121I didn’t notice the bleach stain on the T-shirt before I made them, so I stamped little hearts all over with acrylic paint, then dried them with a hairdryer. Done.

The whole project took about 15 minutes. Seriously.

I think they came out pretty good (they are a bit big).

I can’t wait to do the next pair!

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