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New Link Love

Is it possible to like someone without having met them? Well, if so, I found a person that I really like- or I should say, I really like her Blog. This is a Tutorial site that I found. She is amazing, and explains things in a very clear way. I also really liked her photographs.

Just Tutes

Check it out. You may learn something!

As for me, today I participated in the Farmer’s Market. The girls wore their new dresses with matching totes. Very Sweet. When we got home, I thought I would take a picture of them together wearing their new attire. This is how they chose to pose.

IMG_5954Goofy Girls.


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Shirr ’nuff!

Well, I couldn’t just make ONE shirred sun dress, could I? So, today I made our little Julia one, too. And because I had extra material left over, I made each of them a cute tote as well.



IMG_5952I didn’t realize putting a liner in was so easy! if you haven’t tried yet, here is a link to explain it…

Gadget Case

I didn’t follow the directions entirely, but used the part with the liner.

As soon as I gave the bags to the girls, they immediately started to think of good uses for them and places to take them. The Beach, Field trips, the Library.

I love that.

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Shirr… Why not?

Tonight I decided to take a break from business sewing to do a little pleasure sewing.

A while back, I was looking through the fabric store and found this great Summertime fabric. It was perfect to make a Sun Dress out of, but it was expensive. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder how that fabric is made“.

I now know.

I stumbled upon this woman’s blog that gives a wonderful tutorial on

How to Shir Fabric

So tonight I tried it.


IMG_5941The finished product is very cute indeed.


One of the things I like about it is I made this dress for a fraction of the cost of the ready-made fabric or even a store-bought one.

Now I just have to make one for my 3 year old.

Can you tell I love my children? Shirr you can!

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Memorable Day

Today was a bright, sunny, warm and lovely day filled with pleasant breezes and fragrant smells. Bird and beast alike were busy working and playing all day. We were no exception. It was great to have my whole family together all day and have us all working on the house. Lots of yard work was done. My husband uncovered a beautiful little part of our yard that we didn’t know was there. The girls pulled weeds and had a picnic lunch. I started out indoors but couldn’t help myself. I wanted to be out there in the thick of it all. Only first, I needed to touch up a little spot in the moulding. Well, one spot turned into the whole thing, fast. Why does that happen? Now I have to paint ALL of the trim in the house. To match.
Because that is what happens when you touch up paint.

I did learn something.

From now on, Just leave it alone. Ha!

The day ended with terrific barbeque and bacci.

What seemed like a day filled with mundane things, was really extraordinary in its simplicity.

I hope you and yours had a Memorable Memorial Day too.






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Yard Sale Fun

Yesterday was a wonderful but very tiring day at the Market. This week it was my husband’s turn to take over the booth for his Hand-formed Artisan Bagels. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!

Today I took the girls food shopping. It is a beautiful day so we wanted to do it quickly and get home to be outside. As we were driving home, my oldest child spots a Yard Sale Sign (she takes after her Mama).

So we stop. Of course we do, despite the melting Rice Dream Ice Cream in the trunk.

Carson brought her own money to spend, so she wandered off in search of her own treasures. A few minutes (literally) later, she comes back to where I am with a PILE of stuff. Amongst her finds was a Samsonite Vintage hard suitcase. The woman there liked her, and only charged her $1.00 (even though the tag said $15.00).

IMG_5881It is really great. I cleaned it a bit, and it is good condition.

IMG_5884She definitely has specific taste.

Another find was a saucer. It makes her so happy.

IMG_5887I think she is from another time.


It was a successful Garage Sale. Everyone found something that they like.

Julia found Legos and a skirt, and I found some movies for .25 cents. Very cool.

It was exactly the way I like to spend a relaxing day off.

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A few days ago, a part from my sewing machine broke. Just like that. No warning. I was in the middle of sewing pants for my little one, and snap. *Gasps*

I called the only repair shop in the area, and they don’t even carry Singers. I next turned to the internet. There was ONE place that had the part I needed. Yay.

So (sew) What do I do while I am waiting for the part??

Walk in circles while staring at the piles of fabric I need to sew before the next market…

And go to the beach.



Julia has a collecting habit, and right now it is named Treasures from the Beach. I can really get into this one. I even made her a container to store them in.
IMG_5873Collecting rocks is fun, but I really can’t wait until that part arrives!

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Free Stuff

I was recently turned on to a website for posting unwanted items on.


It is amazing. I couldn’t believe how many people were giving away things that were in great condition. From toys to appliances. Anything you take, saves it from the landfill.

Today I picked up some plants that someone was offering.




Most of the plants needed to be put in the ground right away, so of course this forced me to get outside and dig up some dirt. Columbine, zuccini, geranium starts, parsley, lilac, fuschia, and foxglove plants now have a home at our home. The yard looks great with our new Free plants, and it was good to get the fresh air. Did I mention that Everything is Free?

Check it out.

Not only good for the environment, it is good for your pocketbook as well!

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