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New Old Ideas

I was planning on gardening like a fool today, but alas, the rain and wind decided otherwise. I needed to come up with creative projects for my youngest daughter and myself, while still being productive. The first project was making her new thrifted “boy” shoes (her words, not mine- I actually think they are cool) look a bit girlier.

While Julia painted a picture next to me, I painted her shoes. With some inspiration from my dear friend, Jessie, and her Making Lemonade this is what I came up with.




IMG_5836She LOVES them now.
Dots did the trick!

The second project I worked on was something to sell at the Market (as well as online). I came up with this idea about 4-5 years ago, and thought it would make a great addition to my recycled product line.

A Bean Bag Toss Game made from recycled and re-purposed items.

I really like this idea. It is so simple and has kid appeal. A can and some bean bags. That is it. When I think about games that children like to play the most (and have for decades), they are the ones that embody that simplicity and they wind up being the most enjoyable- kick the can, stick ball, catch, hopscotch, jump rope. You get the idea.


I started with a very large can, some fabric, and some glue.
IMG_5844 Back to Basics. Instant Fun in a Can!


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Market Day

It was a spectacular day here in the Pacific Northwest! The sun was bright and warm, and there was a lovely breeze.

I spent the day down at the Kingston Farmer’s Market where people were smiling and happy just to be there. Amidst the beautiful flowers and great produce (I bought some incredible Cauliflower), was my colorful booth.

IMG_5813My  Cloth Banner finishes the booth, don’t you think?

IMG_5831These are the new Recycled Crayons that I have added.

IMG_5825I absolutely LOVE this fabric, and I love that it went to a good home even more!

Overall, a successful day. I got a great response to using recycled and re-purposed materials, and there were several requests for adult clothes.

I am working on it!

Thanks to all of the people that came down to support the vendors, and Thanks to the Sun for making an appearance!

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Final Product

I had a request for pictures of what I did with all of those crayons.

I used the same method as I have in the past of melting them down using a water bath, shown here-

These are the ones I made a few days ago.


I will be adding these to my items for sale at the Market.

See you all there tomorrow!

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My Right Now

This is my right now.









IMG_5776IMG_5803Beach, creating, and some silliness for good measure.

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I am beginning to think there is a very different way Men and Women think about going to sleep. I used to think it was just me and my husband, but the more I speak with friends, I think it is a gender thing. Men can just turn it all off and drop.

When I decide “”It is time for Bed“, I first run the dishwasher, and switch the laundry, then, I check that all the windows and doors are locked for the night. I clean up any project I worked on that night, check that the appliances are unplugged, and plugs that stay in are secure. Brush my teeth, pick up things that were left on the floor, make sure my older daughter’s snacks are packed in her lunch. I ,then, set up a movie for myself, and heating pad to warm the bed, check on the kids, take off my socks and an hour later, climb into bed.

When my husband decides he is going to bed, he goes to sleep. Almost immediately. Head hits pillow. Eyes close. That’s it.

I imagine myself at the end of the day as a hummingbird.

My husband, maybe, hmmm, a sloth?

Sloth definitely gets more sleep. YAWN.


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Market Love

Just a little note to all the locals.

I will be at The Kingston Farmers Market again this Saturday.

Last time I was there it was so nice to see friends that came to support me in the rain. A very dear friend of mine, Terace,  let me “borrow” one of her sweet babies to hold and snuggle in the Sling.


It was very special because she actually fell asleep on me! Incredible. That right there is trust- or comfort- or just plain good.  I also really loved the warmth that comes from holding a little baby in the Sling.

Ahhhh. My oxytocin levels are full.



Please join me this Saturday at the Market.

You never know what you will find!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there!

We spent the early part of the day with my husband at a brunch he was putting on at his job. Then we went down to our beach to listen to the birds and collect shells and rocks and sand dollars. It was a serene way to end the day.

Here are some images from my Mother’s Day Celebration. I hope you had a great one too!









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