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I am Back. Those cute Vintage Pillowcases were calling to me. They said “Make us into dresses….“. So I did.

I don’t normally follow the voices coming from the bedding, but in this case, they were so right!




They came out so beautifully. I can just imagine my girls running through a field of daisies in these . They are borderline nightgowns even because they are so sheer. Maybe they’ll skip the running in the daisy field and just have dreams of daisy fields wearing them.

Of course I couldn’t just stop with these. I needed something to wear to the Kingston Farmer’s Market 4th of July celebration, and I have no Red, White, and Blue. So I made me a cute little skirt.

IMG_6240My oldest daughter was still awake (awaiting her finished dress), and she said to me “Do you really want to walk around with a bunch of cows and pigs on your skirt?”.


Yes I do! It is Red, White, and Mooooooooooo.


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Thrifting Madness

Today was the Annual Rotary Auction and Rummage Sale. It is quite the event. If you have never experienced it, I will give you a picture. The Rotary Club hosts it at one of the Middle Schools and they fill virtually every spot imaginable (inside and out) with used donated items. You can find everything from instruments to boats to toys and cookware. HUGE.

I got up at 4:45 AM to get there and find a parking spot and still wound up parking about a mile away. The Event didn’t start until 8 AM. That is when Hordes of bargain thirsty people, who ordinarily are polite civilized creatures, turn into ruthless thrifters.

I, myself, take a more lax approach and walk instead of run to find my treasures.
I apparently wasn’t fast or furious enough to get some of the things on my list, but I did find some great things to give a new home to.

Just to give you an idea, I found vintage lace pillowcases, and a stock pot to dye fabrics in, and a sweet little bike for my 3 year old, and wonderful puzzles for both my girls.

I am so thoroughly exhausted, even typing this, that I will save pictures for another post. For now I am going to get some sleep and dream of all the wonderful things that I found.

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Mama Got a Brand New Bag

I have been wanting to make a book bag/knapsack for a very long time, but was so afraid of it. I had no idea where to begin. So I took to the internet!

I found several hints and helpful tips and every night have dreamed of jumping in and giving it a try.

Tonight I did it!



IMG_6182Not too bad for a first try! Next time I will have a better idea of how to do it.

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Summer Riding and Picking

Lately, at night, I have been just working on some things to sell at the Market (along with the Bagels) for the Fourth of July celebration. Nothing to report, yet.

During the day, we have been going to the pool and beach and riding our bikes, A LOT. I was looking for a bike trailer so that I can take our 3 year old along on my bike. Last night I found one on Craigslist, and jumped on it.

Here is my great find being put to good use.


The other happening around here is the total obsession with our cherry tree by my children.

We found ONE ripe cherry today and it HAD to come down.


They got it, and split it between them. Seriously. ONE cherry.

They both had to have some.

It is so funny that they are willing to split a cherry (happily) that we have grown, but if they are asked to split, say a cupcake or even a slice of quesadilla, it is like I have just asked them to stop eating for a month.

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Through A Father’s Eyes

For Father’s Day, my husband woke up early with the girls, then mowed the lawn, and then put up a shelf I have been asking him to hang. Today was the day of catching up with the list I normally have for him. (I almost thought it was Mother’s Day!)
I also was very aware at how he relates to the girls, and how wonderful a Father he is. He helped our younger one on her tricycle by adjusting the handle bars and then watched her ride in circles. Then he took the older one and rode in the street on my bike while she rode hers. All around the neighborhood. What a treat.

Our day to day lives can fill up so quickly, and there isn’t always time to slow down and watch, but I did today. I liked what I saw.

I hope the Father in your life was noticed today.


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Although Rain is very much a part of life in Washington state, this June has been unusually dry. Not even one rainy day. Until Today.

After having a very active day, I find my daughter in her room, unwinding by writing a poem. I think it is something worth sharing.


The Clouds are crying,

the winds are weeping,

the mist is moist and sad,

and the worst bit of all is that the sun

is sleeping and the grass’ eyes are wet.

That, my dear friends,

is Rain.

Wow. I think someone misses the sun- and it has only been ONE day!

Hang in there. The sun will return.

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Garden addition

Let me start by saying, I LOVE Freecycle.

Today I went and picked up some more plants for our garden. This time they are Sedum (a lovely ground cover that spreads fast).


It seems like lots of people are catching on to this website and it is difficult to get things before they are scooped up by someone else (but that makes it all the more sweet when you actually do)!

Yay for less waste in the world!

Thanks Freecycle!


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