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All’s Well

Oh My Heck! I lost my wallet all day yesterday and was FREAKING OUT. My whole world was in there. (My husband kindly pointed out to me in the middle of my freak out that my whole world is here *points to kids and himself*). Yes, Dear. Thank you. But my whole world that I function in was in that wallet.

I spent hours trying to look and deal with this.We searched the interior of my car 5 times each. My dear friend, Heidi, went back to the beach we were at and looked there. I canceled credit cards and bank cards, and was heading out
of the house with kids in tow to replace my license when I look over at my passenger side mirror. On the outside of the car was- yup, it was my wallet!

Someone must have wedged it in there, and I drove around all day like that.



I am amazed and extremely relieved.

Thanks to all of my kind friends that helped me look.

Now I just have to wait for all of those new cards to come in the mail.


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Today the heat has cooled down to about 90 degrees, but at it’s peak yesterday (105) I decided to take my girls someplace air conditioned that we love.

The Library.

We enjoyed a riveting Story Time and then
picked out our 20 or so books, books on tape, and DVDs to take home
to entertain us.

Last night before bed, I read Earl the Squirrel by Don Freeman to my little one. Beautifully illustrated, sweet little story. After thinking about it for a whole night, today she asked me “Why do bulls get angry when they see red?”.

This is amongst the many questions I cannot answer. I suppose somewhere down deep I always assumed that when I became a parent, I would automatically get all of the answers. Like joining a special club or finally getting the key to the book of knowledge.

Enter: The Internet. Oh I cannot even express how much I LOVE THE INTERNET.

I told her I would look it up and tell her tomorrow. So I did. I found out through Answers.com that Bulls are colorblind. It is the motion that makes them charge.

So from this little trip (initially to avoid the heat) to the library, we have all come away a little bit more knowledgeable, and much much cooler.


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Images from our 104 degree days.


I thought 85 was bad. This is just HOT. Our lawn agrees with me.


Corn. Fast. Good.


Both my daughters begged for haircuts. I was happy to do it.

IMG_6596Lots of nakedness…for the girls.

That is all I can handle today. I will blog again when my brain is functioning at it’s normal speed. Hope you all are keeping to the shade.

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Change of Material

It is about 85 degrees here today, which doesn’t happen often. I feel like I am melting. I have absolutely no energy. Has anyone ever spontaneously burst into flame from 85 degree weather?

Oh goodness. I know many of you have been putting up with temperatures way above this, but here in the Pacific Northwest, we have mild temps almost all year round (although the pendulum is swinging wider and wider every season- but that is for another complaining post) and we are totally not used to it. Being born and raised in NJ, I have suffered through my fair share of unbearable summers, but when we decided to jump in the car and keep on driving until we hit Washington 12 years ago, we ditched the air conditioners and haven’t looked back! We like mild. It is good.

Anyhow, with higher temperatures, my brain seems to be foggier and I cannot even think of sewing, but I wanted to do something. So I changed the fabric in those embroidery hoop picture frames See Here.




I took that beautiful bird fabric and just inserted it into the hoops.


I feel creative without breaking a sweat.

Now where’s my ice pack?

I hope you all are staying Cooooool.

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Can you See My Pouch?

This has been one busy July. It seems like every day we have something to do. Along with play dates and outings and errands, we have many many Birthdays this month.

I felt I needed a new project to celebrate this fact (and something to give to all of those celebrating Birthdays).

Look at what I found!

The Perfect Box Pouch Tutorial

I love the internet. I really do. I cannot remember a time when it didn’t exist (and I’m not that young). It makes making things so much easier. It connects people with other people who can show them how-to’s with the click of a button, any time of day- or night (which is when I often find myself looking for new ideas).

My older daughter has a Birthday to go to this weekend for a boy from her class. He is such a dear friend to her, and they get along so well. I wanted to make something for him. The only problem is that I have NO idea what young boys like
to receive as gifts. Clueless. So when I found this tutorial, I jumped on it. It makes a great pencil/ treasure pouch. With it, I also made him a library bag. Something to carry his books. He and my daughter both volunteer there to read to younger kids, so I thought it was a good idea.

IMG_6560Here it is, zipper and all. I am so proud.


IMG_6564One Birthday taken care of- only 10 more to go!

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New Life

Yesterday, my husband noticed a little tiny bird in a plant right outside our front door. So very beautiful. Brand new to this world and learning to fly.

IMG_6513There is something magical about new life, and so very exciting.
Our girls were beside themselves with joy.

On the same note, friends across the globe just welcomed a new life
to this world as well. I made a little something for their brand new baby girl. (I hope they don’t read this Blog!)

IMG_6523I made this quilt with the most fabulous fabric. It has birds on it. Hmmmm. I see a pattern here (Pun really intended). I must have birds on the brain (Bird Brain.- I’m on a roll). I seem to have subconsciously linked our new friend with our new bird friend.

Both so sweet.

Welcome to the World, Babies! We hope you enjoy the ride!

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Free Lazy Michelle

Our guests have gone. We had a great time with them and will miss them just as much. While they were here, we stopped (of course) at a yard sale. This one was slightly different in that they weren’t really selling much, Just GIVING it away. Now that is my kind of Yard Sale!

I found this little Lazy Susan (or Lazy Michelle-for me). I had no idea what I would do with it, I just knew I needed something with “Lazy” in the title.


Today, inspiration hit me like a ton of rotating platters. My older daughter’s desk is a bit of a mess. She loves to create, and IT. IS. MESSY.

So I decided to turn this strange find into an organizer for her art supplies.



I am not quite finished yet, but isn’t it pretty? Amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do (and lots of dots!).

Next I plan to glue small containers to each tier so that she can fit her smaller supplies on it too.

I will post more soon!

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