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Images Speak


IMG_6869Yup. That about sums it up.


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Pants! or Not to Pants!

With School almost upon us, I went through my kids’ clothes (again) and sorted out the appropriate from the not-so appropriate.

I came up with an idea for my youngest, who loves her grubby clothes, but should not wear them out in public any more. I took all of the stained/ripped items and put them in her suitcase. We can take them out on weekends and she can wear what she wants without getting frustrated about it during the week.

Once I separated out her grubby things, I realized that she doesn’t have many clothes that aren’t stained. Especially pants.

To the sewing machine!

I whipped up a couple of things for her tonight that I think she will love.

IMG_6890IMG_6889First, some spicy pants for my spicy girl!

IMG_6887IMG_6888IMG_6893Next, some Aquatic themed pants (and a shirt), because you can’t have spice without water!

We also attended the End of Summer Reader Party at the library this week. My little one won a shirt in the raffle!

It was an Adult Medium, though, so I had to come up with something creative.

I came up with…more¬† pants!

IMG_6881Here is my little model. As you can see she is shedding clothes because that is what she does.

IMG_6883I took one photo, and then she was gone…giggling and running away.

IMG_6885So I listened to the pants (yup- again), and got Creative. I photographed them on the floor.

Now she has lots of pants….to take off.

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Hairy Situation

You will notice that this post has no pictures. That is because it is about facial hair. On women. Ew. One woman in particular. Me.

Ew again.

This is for the ladies.

Have you ever been in your car in the middle of the day and happen to catch yourself in the mirror? Today was one of those days, and I gasped at what I found. There sat a patch of little black 2 inch hairs Under.My.Chin.

Big crazy long hairs.

Now, I know they did not sprout over night. I also know that my husband looks at me occasionally. Much more than a very busy mother of two looks at herself. Yet he did not tell me. Didn’t we take vows? Wasn’t that part of the deal? To love, honor, cherrish and to tell if there is crap on my face?
And yet, there they sat. For the world to see.

I know what you are thinking. Maybe he didn’t see them. Nope. He saw.

He actually has a name for them. He calls the my goat hairs. Seriously. He is equally not helpful when I ask him to look at my mouth to see if I have food on it or up my nose for…flowers.

I suppose I just have to look in the mirror more frequently and count on my women friends. Women tell you when there is something there that shouldn’t be.

Sisters against unsightly facial hairs unite!
Cause men…don’t care about that stuff.

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Pickin’ and a Stainin’

We just went Blueberry picking for the first time the other day with a couple of friends. It was so much fun…and easy! A great activity for any age.

The best part is, we have lots of those little round antioxidant-filled berries. We have so many I even froze some to eat in the Winter when we will be longing for a little piece of Summer.

IMG_6865IMG_6853IMG_6856The second less exciting (but entirely necessary) thing we did to prepare for the Winter was Staining the Deck. It was lots of work, but it looks Oh So Good!!

IMG_6867Not only did we get something done, in the middle I took a break to hear our friend play the Cello. She is 11 and has been playing since she was 4 and a half. It was beautiful. For a moment, my daughter and I were swept up in the music, and found ourselves entranced. What a pleasure.

I have a feeling of accomplishment today. It was a good day.

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First and Second

My First Souffle!

IMG_6843I have said this many times, I don’t enjoy cooking, really. It is usually just pure necessity, but when I venture out on a limb and try a new recipe, I get very excited. Especially when that recipe works! I altered a Julia Child recipe for a Traditional Souffle and made it Gluten and Dairy free (which sounds disgusting, but was actually very good). I used Rice milk and Goat cheese and some Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour. Even my husband ate it and more importantly liked it.



This is My Second Patchwork twirly I Spy skirt- made for my First daughter.




This skirt took a bit longer to make than the first Twirly Spy, and I used slightly different fabric for my older child.

Overall, Two very successful endeavors in one day!

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Summer Frolic

The sun is out and Summer is back, ever so briefly.

Even though I have spent the last few weeks preparing for Fall and getting comfortable saying good-bye to that ol’ fireball in the sky, I am so glad to see it again. Hello friend. Welcome back.

We spent today outdoors in our friend’s beautiful garden.

Here are some images from our last hoorah with Summer.

IMG_6821IMG_6834IMG_6836IMG_6833What have you enjoyed this Summer?

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Here we find ourselves at the end of Summer. There is a feeling of anticipation from everyone to start school…even me. My wonderful daughters have been at each other for a couple of weeks now. The fighting and screaming is getting to me, slightly.¬† I am finding projects to keep the girls busy (and to keep peace in the house- which isn’t easy).

The first thing we tried was Freezer Jam. If you haven’t made this- you should! It is incredibly simple to make. We even used No Cook Pectin to make it all the easier.

We took some of the strawberries that were going bad and mashed them with a potato masher, then added sugar and pectin. Each of my girls took a turn stirring it for a minute and a half. It came out very good! They love it. Especially on their Dad’s homemade Bagels.

Speaking of that, we just finished the last Farmer’s Market (selling Bagels). It was a great season, and we now have an email list of interested people for when we have time to do it again. If you’d like to join that list, email me your information and we’ll contact you when the next bake is!

I will still be down at the marina selling my wares at the Farmer’s Market for a while longer. Which brings me to the next KeepThemBusy Project… Peeling crayon wrappers.



I will be melting some more of the crayons to make my Recycled Crayons.

Let’s see what other projects I can come up with. Hmmm. How about painting the deck?

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