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My good friend, over at Jenny On The Spot is hosting a Giveaway for a Febreeze gift basket and $100 Visa Gift Card. WOW.

To enter, click on this Link.

If you don’t want to enter, but you want to laugh, click on it anyway. She is very funny too!


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At the Fair

Today we went to the Harvest Fair. We had a Blast! While my husband was busy judging pies, the girls and I enjoyed the sights, sounds, tastes, and even smells with friends. Oh what a wonderful time had by all!

IMG_7186IMG_7187IMG_7190IMG_7193IMG_7195IMG_7197IMG_7200IMG_7215IMG_7243IMG_7223I can’t wait til next year!

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Preparing to Harvest

Tomorrow is the Harvest Fair. Every year, my husband is asked to Judge the pies along with a select few other Culinary Professionals.

That means my girls and I will be enjoying the Fair!

Of course, today I made them something special to wear. I mean , it IS a special event, right?

IMG_7140IMG_7147IMG_7148I think they are all ready to have some serious hay riding- sheep petting- apple cider pressing fun!

Oh, and if any of you are interested in making your own pants, there are some really great tutorials on the subject. They are incredibly easy, inexpensive (especially using materials you already have),  and satisfying.

Rookie Moms give a great tutorial, easy for even a beginner sewer to follow!

Dollar Store Crafts has a great one too, and really wonderful suggestions
for using every day materials that cost under a dollar.

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The Many Notes of Autumn

Nothing Has A Meaning

by: CJW

A Blossom has no meaning

except to sit filled with nectar.

A bee has no meaning

except to sip the nectar.

Nothing has a meaning

except to be who they are- like me.

nothingMy older daughter wrote this poem (for fun). When I asked her about it, she told me that saying “nothing has a meaning except” was another way of saying “the only purpose of this is that”. I think we may be raising a little existentialist. Hmmm.

On another note, the season has changed, and we are now into Autumn.

The weather, however, hasn’t caught on quite yet and we are fully taking advantage of those sunny beautiful days we are getting (in between the rain).


On yet another note, with the start of school, my running
around everywhere has increased, hence, my brain is not as sharp as it should be.

Today we had swimming lessons for my 3 year old. She usually showers after she is finished. Well, I forgot her towel. Argggghh. What to do?

With minutes until the lesson was about to begin,I looked around in our car and found a cloth diaper (which has been used for everything except a diaper). So I used it. Not a proud moment. But I did. I dried my child with a diaper.


Happy Autumn.

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Pretty Sticky

Today was a rainy day (in a long line of rainy days, I’m sure). As usual, we came up with something fun and creative to keep minds and hands busy, so that everyone remains happy…and nobody gets bitten- again.

Decoupage. I LOVE decoupage. I came up with a magic mixture of 1 part water and 2 parts Elmer’s glue that works very well.

Whenever  I see mini canvases and bottles of glue on sale I stock up for days like this. I also keep a large envelope
with magazine pictures that I cut out, just for this reason.

So here’s what you do. Sit down. Choose the pictures. Paint the canvas with the glue mixture. Lay pictures on top. Then paint over them with same glue mixture.


IMG_7087I love the look of concentration on their faces.


IMG_7089They both made such wonderful collages.

And this freed me up to…

IMG_7090Bake some Gluten-Free Zucchini Muffins!!

A good day all around.

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With the start of school I thought Life was going to settle down a bit. Ha! I was very wrong. We are in constant motion. Between running back and forth to school and swimming lessons, We Do. Not. Stop. I have also taken on two small children to care for once a week. They are incredibly sweet, but now I am outnumbered by people with so much more energy than I have!

Today we drew with chalk, played in the yard, blew bubbles, snacks, did a craft, stamped some paper, went up and down stairs (for fun), snacks, played in a band, had a performance, snacks, changed clothes a bunch of times, played again in the yard, read books,  did I mention snacks?

IMG_7062We had a lot of fun.

I am tired.

IMG_7059Hope you all have a good nite’s rest. I know I will!!

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Snack Mom

Tomorrow, I am Snack Mom for My Little One’s Preschool . I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of processed snack food being fed to our children. I know it is easy and quick, but I decided to break with tradition and make something really yummy for the precious 3 year olds. I found this recipe for Granola Bars. I added a few things, and omitted the Bran Buds. Some of the ingredients I did include are Puffed Rice, Oats, Peanuts, Almond Butter, Honey, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Brown Rice Syrup. They came out so good. I know not all of the preschoolers will like them, but I hope some of them do.

IMG_7038 I didn’t really have a bag to carry them in (aside from plastic). I figured if I went through all of the trouble to make something special, I could take a few more minutes to make something special to carry them in.

IMG_7035All ready for day #2 at Preschool!

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