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Spiderific Tiny Pumpkins

I made these mini treat baskets for friends of our 3 year old for Halloween.

We are having a little celebration, and I wanted just a small something special to give to the kids. Get the theme?

These are adorable- and tiny too.




Oh so fabulous!

All you need to make these is:

  • 1 egg carton
  • Orange paint
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • 1 small treat for each
  • Spider rings
  • Hole punch

I cut the cups off of the egg carton, and painted the insides and outsides with orange acrylic paint.

Next (after the paint dried), I punched a hole on either side of the cups. I threaded and twisted the ends of the pipe cleaner through the holes to create a handle.

Then I filled them up!

Just enough candy to feel special, but not enough to cause a colossal meltdown.


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Happy Birthday

Our girls made their Dad presents for his Birthday. Every year they come up with things to give him on their own. Our older daughter made him a comic and bought him some chocolate with her own money.

Our 3 year old wrapped up a hourglass for him. When he asked what it was, her reply was “Time, Papa. I’m giving you time.”


Happy Birthday!
You have lots of Love and Time too!

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Birthday Boxer Bones

Well, that fabric didn’t last long. I made it into a Birthday present for my husband. He celebrates his 40th Birthday tomorrow, and I thought he needed some new, really cool, handmade underwear.¬†Doesn’t everyone?

IMG_7498This was the first time I have ever sewn underwear before, and the first time I have ever used a pattern! I usually sew from tutorials, or just wing it (~most of the time). This was a pattern that I made from measurements I took from his existing boxers.
I am always amazed when anyone can make anything from a pattern. It is like a puzzle with really confusing directions. This was not as bad, and I found a site to walk me through it step by step.

ThreadBanger has a video and a picture tutorial to follow, once you have cut out the pieces of the pattern.

Not bad for a first try.

Now that you have all seen his underwear, I hope he still wants to wear them!

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Bare Bones

IMG_7475 Today, as I was taking out the recycling, there was an empty cardboard beer container that had this great graphic on it. I am not sure what I will use them for, but I really like them! I was thinking gift tags maybe. Oh so great…and an even better way to recycle! It made me think of all of the packaging that comes in and out of the house, and of how many other really great graphics I have just tossed in the recycling without seeing what else it can become. Not any more!

IMG_7476This is fabric my husband received today as wrapping for an early Birthday Present from his co-workers.
It is like a little present for me. I am so excited even though, again, I have no real plans for it. The possibilities are enough to make me happy.

Both of these small treasures
are perfect for this time of year when lots of cultures reflect on those who have passed, and on our own mortality.

If this interests you as much as it does me, check out the Crafty Chica Challenge.

She has a contest going on where you can enter your Day of the Dead Shrine. I wish I had a bit more time to do it. It is something I would like to do in the future.

If any of you enter, please link back here so I can see it!

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Pumpin Hollow-een


IMG_7461It is that gooey, messy, creative,
fun time of year!

IMG_7463My two pumpkins LOVE it…and so do I.

There are so many things to love about the Fall. There is a need for coziness that comes from the added darkness before and after bed, and from the little chill in the air. We also have such great traditions this time of year. It is no secret that my girls LOVE to dress up (OK me too), and we love to create. What better to create with than a ripe orange pumpkin, or crisp fall leaves, or even painted corn.

The visual beauty of our surroundings gets my attention.
The trees shedding their leaves, and the land ready to part with the Bounty of Summer. It is all so colorful in the muted tones of Autumn.

I also enjoy being together.
We share these things as a family. No one objects to Pumpkin Picking or dressing up. It is everyone’s favorite time of year (except for Birthdays and Christmas…and Easter is pretty cool too...- Oh and then there is St. Patrick’s Day, But you get the idea).

I hope you all are enjoying the many colors of Autumn as well.

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All Wrapped Up

I finally had time to try this Tutorial from Habitual. She explains how to make a Kimono wrap for all different sized children in a very clear organized manner.

Ah. I love that.

It was easy, and now that I have done it once (along with matching pants), I will have a better idea of what I want to alter the next time. -Oh and there will be a next time. There is a reason this person’s Blog is called “Habitual“. Once you start, you won’t want to stop!

My first impression of them was Hospital Scrubs, or Pajamas. My daughter, though, has worn them out twice already and thinks they are daytime clothes.

IMG_7455I think the tie dyed shirt along with the red socks make the outfit!

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Walking Between the Rain

There was a brief break in the torrential rains we have had today. The sky turned blue, the clouds puffed up once again, and the sun said “hello”…just for a moment.

I took this moment to go for a Nature Treasure walk with our girls. Basically pick up anything that is lying on the ground that is of interest to you (with the exception of Mushrooms– we know they can be poisonous and the Fairies need those).

They grabbed their baskets and we were off!



IMG_7408We brought home some things to put in our Nature Box. They love to examine these things up close. So far, we found an abandoned bird’s nest, some leaves, and pine cones.

We also noticed the Fairies are back!

They have built their sweet little mushroom houses all over our neighborhood.





IMG_7409There’s Magic all around us.

I love where we live!

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