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Happy Mistake

Today we thought we were going one place  and wound up somewhere else. The kids didn’t mind, and we saw some  interesting things.

I love vacation!


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We took a walk in the wilds today only to find the trail was flooded. It was beautiful. We didn’t see any animals, but we did find an animal’s tracks.

And then we stumbled upon a Citrus Grove, where the girls attempted to eat a giant orange (not really-but they are incredibly goofy I don’t know where they get it). We did find some lovely Myer lemons and very fragrant grapefruit.

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Vacation Education

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Beautiful Food

Although my diet is limited, I can still appreciate the beauty of all food. I want to take a moment to visually tantalize you, and share the pretty meal that was made by my In-Laws tonight.

Thank you. We enjoyed the company as well.

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The Day After

I made our oldest daughter a cape for Christmas that she has wanted for a very long time, but took me an equally long time to get to it. She hasn’t taken it off except to sleep and shower (only cause I make her).

Today we wanted a very low key day, so we walked down to the beach. There were people in their bathing suits, and shorts. Guess what she wore?

I am thrilled that it means that much to her. She did wonder what people were staring and whispering about. What? Haven’t they ever seen a girl in a cape at the beach before?

When we returned, we relaxed with some Art.

Back to vacation!

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Joyeux Noel

We spent this Christmas in sunny warm Florida with my husband’s Father and relatives from France. There was true joy of being all together, cooking, laughing, eating, and trying our hand at butchering the French language. Also, lots of handmade underwear. And pictures of the men wearing said underwear. Sadly, I will not post these fabulous photos here, but let your imaginations run wild.

Along with the hustle of the Holiday, I found pockets of quiet that I relished just as much. There is something about a dark room lit by a Christmas Tree. When I find myself in these rare moments, I get lost in thought about all of the things I like about this holiday. Mostly fond memories
of the sights, sounds, and aromas of Celebrations long ago- and not so long ago. Peaceful Treasures.

I hope you have found pockets of peace this  Season. May you find Joy in whatever Holiday you celebrate.

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Some Sun Fun

Today was another incredibly beautiful sunshiny day! We found a park to romp around in. The kids needed to get out and be, well… kids!

We are also finding ourselves on a special tour of sorts. One that visits every rest facility *ahem* in all of Florida. My husband just waits patiently soaking up all of that vitamin D while shaking his head ever so slightly.

It has been another purposeful day.

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