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Wedding Flowers

I am not sure many of you know this, but I am a Floral Designer, by trade. For many years I worked in Florist shops making arrangements and tending flowers. Since I have had my children, I haven’t had much of a chance to work with flowers… until now.

Today was the first wedding that I have done in about 10 years or so. It felt good to do what I do, again. The girls actually came with me, and were incredibly well behaved (Yay!). It was a tremendous help to have them entertain themselves the whole time. After we  were finished, my oldest said ” Mom, you should consider doing this all of the time” (She just liked all of the scraps she got to take home and play with).

Here are a few images from tonight’s event.

It was a nice day for a White Wedding!


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Lately we have taken on “toning down” our home so that we can sell it in the Spring. After painstakingly painting the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway, We. Are. Done.

Of course now I see that we need to re-paint all of the doors…but that’s another story.



During this process, I had a very patient 4 year old (patience in a four year old you say? it’s true!) waiting for me to be done. Today she asked if we could go for a walk after I finished.

It only took me 5 hours to “be done”. She put on her best bonnet, and off we went.

You can see the pure joy on her face.

I really appreciated her waiting and playing while I got this grown-up work done. Hopefully all the rest will go quickly!

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Chasing Bunnies

Today is Friday. The day I get to watch two lovely little children (in addition to my own). I do this every Friday. With the weather being what it is this time of year, we have spent a whole lot of time indoors.

Today, though, was a day without rain. In fact, this whole week has been delightful~ weather-wise.

We decided to go to the Park and look for Bunnies. Yes. Real Bunnies!

A few years back, people started “dumping” their unwanted pet rabbits at this local park. There is quite the population there now, because, you know, they multiply like, well, rabbits.

It was a great activity for those active 4 year olds (and for me who had the 1 year old in the sling- asleep).

After the Bunny search was over, we went on to look for ducks. Luckily, we didn’t have to look that far.

They basically found us.

It was so great to get out into the fresh air and breathe. Plus we got to spend some time with some fine animals.

Not much creative going on at home, besides re-painting the house. I will keep you all up to date on the latest happenings in that department (I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats until then-ha.).

In the meantime, we will be enjoying things we can do outside of the home (as the weather permits).

Hope you all got some fresh air today too. It does a body good (and tires out those kiddies for bedtime~yay!)

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Due to Popular Request

Due to popular request, here are the pictures of the nasty light fixtures. *Warning* If you are at all squeamish about seeing retro nasty, dirty lamps, avert your eyes immediately.

Without Further Ado…

This isn’t too retro like the big Moon Pendant Light, but it does have fruit on it. It must go.

If anyone is interested in any of these light fixtures, please write me an email. The first batch is free. I am selling the Fruity Chandelier for a very reasonable price.

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This weekend was spent taking apart our house. Oh my goodness, it was a lot of work. We are getting ready to put it back on the Market, and to do so, we need to paint, tone-down, and spruce-up a  bit.

We have lived, laughed, and loved in this house for 7 years, and really are attached to the space, but alas, it is too far away from places we need to be.

I am truly amazed at what you find out and find when taking everything apart. Like
for instance, the light fixtures that we look at~ without really looking at~ every day are hideous. Really awful. Aesthetically, I don’t know what the people before us were thinking, but I suppose when they were installed in the 70’s, they were the height of fashion.

So besides de-constructing, I have spent the past two days at the Home Improvement store looking and getting things to improve our home.

With our heinous light fixtures in mind, I went through the store, and I found the CLEARANCE section. Strikes Angelic chorus *Ahhhhhhhh*

There I found this beauty.

Is it possible to be in love with a lamp?

The best part is, I got a deal. Originally $140.00 marked down to $20!

Seriously. I am feeling much better about this re-vamp now. Deals like that make it all worth it.

On to the walls!

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Listen to the rhythm of the Falling Rain….

(A familiar sight)

and the rhythm of all that goes with it.

These days there is a rhythm to all we do, whether it is the buzz of my sewing machine, or the sound of children running indoors, or that ever wonderful coffee drip drip dripping along in time with the rain. (I have a renewed affection for that grand old bean, which in these dark months I have come to depend on to keep me going).

We hope all of you are safe and warm and fed~ flowing with the rhythm of life.

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It is so good to be back. I am starting to miss that Florida sun,

but there is no place like home.

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