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Hat Love

Last night I came across a Blog by following a trail See Here. I was thrilled to stumble upon this wonderful tutorial for a Newsboy Cap. This style of hat is something that attracts all of my family members. Plus, Clevergirl does it so well, and makes it Oh so easy!  How easy?

It is so easy I completed a whole hat in less than an hour.


I did make a few minor adjustments: I added a cute little fabric-covered button on top (because I have girls and it is all about the accessories), and I also added a channel of elastic around the hat (excluding the brim) to make it fit a little more snug. The fabric I used came from a men’s XL shirt from a thrift store. I completed this whole project for under $5.00!

Classic! Even I can wear it.


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On Our Table

My older daughter has a passion for creating with food. When she finds a recipe that she can make herself and is something she likes to eat, then we see a whole lot of it, every day.

This is her latest snack food.

It consists of half and apple, peanut butter, raisins, cinnamon sugar and a toothpick (to make it fancy). Not bad, actually. I am glad she (and her sister) like to eat this~ and that she can make it herself! Cause I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to want food All. Of. The.Time.

I have been sewing/creating/crafting like crazy lately. Lots of Birthdays (why does it always seem that way?).

Here’s what else is on our table lately…

Most are gifts, but the pants are for my girl. I am in the process of adding pockets to all of her favorite pants. She loves them so, and uses them to store all of her very important treasures.

Amongst the piles of projects and tasty snacks on our table is paperwork.

No one tells you when you become a parent that forever from that point on you will be responsible for filling out mounds of paperwork. We’ve got school fund raising paperwork, papers to sign from school, papers for a class one of them was taking (she takes the class- and I get the paperwork), and papers from doctors.  Not to mention all of the regular household papers (AKA bills and such).

Sometimes, you need to push all of the papers aside, and just create.

And then sometimes you just have to suck it up and start dealing with all of those papers.

My goal is to find the balance.

Wish me Luck!

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It has been a nerve wracking day. Our little one is having some issues in need of a specialist. Nothing terrible (knock wood). Totally fixable. Just a lot to deal with and a very long process.

To keep her entertained, I gave her my camera. *Gasp* I know. But, she was so good about it, and very careful. Plus, I love getting a glimpse of the world through her eyes.

These are a few things she thought were photo-worthy.

There is nothing that will make you more thankful for your children than spending a day at a Pediatric Specialist in a Hospital.

Tonight I hug my children a little closer, kiss them a little longer, and listen to their precious voices with different ears.

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Singing and Britches

At the end of this month, we will be going to yet another Sound of Music Sing-a-long. This one is hosted by our awesome Library. The girls are super excited about it, and decided to dress up and practice singing on our front lawn. Our 4 year old has only seen parts of the movie and doesn’t really know many songs, but not to worry… Our 10 year old has seen it about a thousand times and knows ALL of the music. Word for word. And has taken to teaching/directing (AKA bossing) our little one so that she knows exactly what to do.

I have also been asked nicely, by the 10 year old, to make dresses for the costume contest that is part of this event. I have one completed so far. I will keep you all posted.

If you would turn your attention to what my little daughter is wearing in the top photo, you will get a feel for what her normal attire is. This is not a costume.

I have found myself sewing more and more outrageous outfits for her (with lots of pockets~ Preschoolers LOVE pockets).

Oh my goodness- she looks so cute. Very clown-like, but not scary at all.

I am not sure, but it could be because of the normal lack of sunlight around these parts that I find myself attracted to these bright colors. Just a guess.

Although this week was filled with sun, so I’m probably wrong.

Whatever it is, the colors seem to embody her personality perfectly.

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That glorious orb in the sky is visiting us again this week. I feel so lucky. And weird. Mostly elated, though.

We are trying to take full advantage of the sunny sunshine because we never know when Mother Nature will snap out of it and bring back the usual rainy rain.

The walk came complete with a skirt and tights outfit, big walking sticks, and plenty of mushrooms and moss. One thing I love about these outdoors adventures is seeing my children’s faces when they see mushrooms and moss. They never tire of finding those things. There is always the sounds of shock and bewilderment in their voices~ *whispers* “Look at this!”.

Well, I guess it’s not only the kids that get excited about this stuff.

When we returned home, I started on (and finished) some of those tutorials I wrote about finding.

Fabric Bucket. Another easy well-written tutorial from Pink Penguin.

This last one is a variation on Soule Mama’s Gratitude Wrap.

I made it much simpler (is that a word?), though.This one will go to my Mama. It holds postcards, stamps, pens, and an address book so she can write to her grandchildren much more. I was also thinking of making another for my nephew with different fabric, so that he can write to us often too. We love getting mail- and giving it as well.

Overall a very productive full-filling day.

Hope the sunshine is pouring down on you too, wherever you may be.

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Oh Tutorial How I love Thee

I love tutorials. There. I said it. I feel much better.

I fear I may have a bit of an addiction. I peruse the internet late at night looking for things that people have made in tutorial form…So they can tell me how to make it. I can’t stop. And more importantly, I don’t want to.

There are usually directions and photos (and for a visual learner, that is essential). Unlike Paper Patterns, they are written in English. I have always had trouble deciphering Patterns (the kind you sew with, not the kind like red green red green red green). I am not sure what language they use, but it is always confusing and unclear to me. Patternia? Nope – not sure.

Anyhow, I am here, today, talking about the deep affection I have for online tutorials. Not only can you find them for FREE (that is the magic word), they are  precise and helpful and written by other craftspeoplemomsregulareverydayhumans.


One fabulous resource for finding lovely tutorials is a site called Craftzine.

I often find myself scrolling down the posts for something to make. I always start with this site- so I can follow the trail again if I lose it~ (see below).

A few nights ago I stumbled upon a great Creative Mom’s Blog
named: MADE. She had a link on her Blog to another incredible Mom Blog:    Noodlehead. Try to keep up with me…

That woman has a brilliant tutorial on making these adorable backpacks for kids Here.

I love the adventure. One click leads to another and before you know it, you are lost in Blogland finding treasures everywhere. **Word to the Wise~ Always start in the same place, because if something should happen and you lose all of your bookmarks (*Ahem*, husband doing things to your computer that causes mayhem and loses everything you worked so hard to find- just saying) you can always trace the “trail” to find your “treasure” once again.

I call these tutorials “treasures” because that is what they are to me. Knowledge. Understanding. A gift of learning.

You know, TREASURES.

Oh joy!

When I found this particular gem of a Tutorial, I jumped right on it- and made one of these cute backpacks for a very special 3 year old in our lives. Her Birthday party was supposed to be today, but she came down with a fever. We hope she is well soon, so we can get on with the celebrating!

I am just missing the cording (straps) which I plan on picking up tomorrow,and then it will be complete.

Without further ado… here are some of the pictures of the incomplete work-in-progress.

I love that I know now how to attach a zippered pocket to the bag! It’s the little things ,really, in life that flip your wig. Seriously. At least it is for me.

I will post some more pictures once the bag has its straps. I was just  too excited to share what I learned with you, just as these ladies shared what they knew with me.

The circle of virtual reality goes round and round.

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Crazy Pants

So I made my 4 year old a pair of pants. Crazy pants. These are just the kind of pants that look like they belong on her. There are stripes and a circle pattern. Somehow they can exist next to each other without giving you a need to vomit.

I started out with what was left of that wonderful soft flannel I bought for our little friend’s birthday pants.

I knew I would not have enough, so I turned to my scrap clothing pile. I had this great stretchy stripey shirt that was a bit too big for my daughter, so I cut it up.

Lately Julia has taken to putting special little things in her pockets. Her stuffed duckling, her play cell phone, and her chapstick. You know, the important stuff in life.When it was complete, my daughter asked if they could have “pockets all over”. Hmmm. Well, not all over, but I could make two large pockets for carrying all of those special things you need.


I just love sewing for her. This is such a great age for whipping things up out of scraps – crazy or not- and having them worn. A lot.

Of course, now my older daughter wants a pair.

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