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This Spring Break has gotten off to a very productive start. Yesterday, along with giving that old table a new life, today I had my daughter decoupage the garbage can.

Like that old table, I have been staring at this garbage can for about 7 years now and loathing it secretly. I would look at it and have a little internal struggle. It is a pickle bucket that my husband (the Chef) had gotten from work. So, it was free. It is clean and functions just fine to collect our trash, and it remains hidden to most because it lives under the sink. The problem for me is it looks so ugly. I couldn’t justify buying a new garbage can, cause let’s face it, IT’S FOR GARBAGE. So, I kept my secret loathing of this receptacle to myself…until today.

I asked my girls if they wanted to decoupage. The older one was very interested (and since she spent all morning following me around saying she was bored- I was ecstatic she wanted to). So I set her up and let her go!


Ew ew ew. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to do something about it!

No more Ugly waste bin!

No more bored daughter!


While doing it she asked me if this was the reason I had kids…you know, to get them to do this stuff.

I said it wasn’t – but it totally is a perk.


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We have had this old table for about 10 years now, and for most of that time it was covered in a vinyl tablecloth and outside. I never really knew what I wanted to do with it…until now.

As you know I usually peruse the internet at night looking for inspiration. Well, I found it!

My Re-purposed Life and Reinvented have some wonderful ideas for giving old furniture new life. Nothing like looking at Before and After pics to light a fire under me!

Today I was looking at this rusty old table and I just had enough. So I took the tablecloth off, used some soap and cleaned it up.


Next I took out some white paint and went at it!

It’s a start. I think it is a vast improvement, but it still could use something. I need to think over night about it.

When I was done, my girls wanted to go down to our beach for a bit. Before we went I laid down some rules to keep the clutter at bay. #1. We can touch and build and use shells on the beach, but that is where they stay. (If you saw how many containers of shells we have, you’d understand). #2. We can choose two large rocks to take home- for our garden.

So they did.

It was a good day filled with a new- old table, fun at the beach, and two great rocks for our garden!

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Felt Peeps

Sometimes I crack myself up. Felt Peeps. heehee. I occasionally  give in to that childish side and come up with a clever title.


I actually did make Felt Peeps from a wonderful tutorial by Dana Made. The tutorial, however, isn’t on her Blog. It is on another very crafty blog as a guest post. V and Co. has the tutorial for the PEEPS Bunny Bunting.

I got tired, halfway through, of sewing those adorable little guys onto a ribbon, so I gave up (cause I’m kind of lazy sometimes) after 6 peeps. I began looking at these enticing critters that I just spent so much time cutting out, and my brain began formulating a plan.

Look at them just staring and being all cute.

So, I sewed them onto a sweet little fabric basket. And then I did another.

I used pink anti-pill fleece, polka dotted quilter’s cotton, and the bunnies are felt.

They are perfect for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood!

What would you do with your peeps?

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Renewal and Birth

This time of year is one of Renewal. The flowers are all peeking out and my allergies are in full blossom.*sniff*

Spring is upon us.

It has brought new life.

Today we welcome our new Nephew into the world. Hello Little one. Know you are loved.

We are mailing a package to him and his Big sister complete with handmade goodies by a very excited Auntie! A quilt for baby and backpack (I can’t seem to stop making these) for the all important Big Sister.

I had more of that cupcake fabric that makes me oh so hungry when I use it (it is probably a good thing it is almost all used up).

Even though they live in Florida, I made this quilt out of flannel. It’s a problem I have when I hear the word “newborn”. I just want to keep them warm. *sigh*

We also are spending a whole lot of time out-of-doors as of late. On feet, on skates, and on…. bicycles.

Look at my little girl go!

I love this photo because you can see me as a shadow, which is how I feel when she is exploring her independence. And I am OK with that. More than OK actually. I get such a thrill seeing my children doing it all by themselves. It is satisfying knowing they can, and in some little way, I helped them get there.

She is wearing a shirt that I wore as a child!

Old is new. The season of renewal is truly that, all around.

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Happy Granola Bars

I found a recipe (that I altered a bit)for Gluten-Free Granola Bars. I must share. These are too good not to!

So, You’ll Need:

2 1/2 Cups Gluten-free Oats

3/4 Cup chocolate chips

1/2 Cup of Almond butter

2 TBSP Sunflower seeds

2 TBSP Pumpkin Seeds

1 TBSP Vanilla

3/4 Cup Honey

1/4 Tsp salt

1/4 cup of brown sugar

Press mixture into a greased 8×8 pan . Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Wait 10 minutes for them to cool, then cut into bars. Oh so good!

Mixing it up



Ready to Eat!

It is ALL about the food.

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The Crappy Touch

Did you ever have one of those days when all things creative you touch turn to crap?

Today was my day. I don’t know what was up in the Universe or maybe it is because I am so drained physically and emotionally from our week. Hmmm. Could be.

We took our little one to her special test yesterday to see if her Pituitary Gland is working. It was tiring just getting there. Up at 3:45 am, an hour drive, 30 min. ferry ride, and another 20 minute drive. *YAWN*.

I could think of many places I would rather be than the Pediatric ICU~ even, um, maybe the Dentist. Yup. That bad.
The test itself was better than I expected, but being surrounded by struggling and defeated people took its toll on my soul.

Our Brave little girl did great (even when her vein collapsed from the IV- UGH).

In the grand scheme of things, not so bad. Even so, I didn’t work on anything last night. I needed to sit and stare for a while. I think yesterday was the first time in a few months that my shoulders started to drop from being in my ears, and I realized… I am tired.

Today I started to sew again.

But I really shouldn’t have. I am still a bit off.

Everything I touched required a seam ripper afterwards. A bit counterproductive, really.
I should have just stopped, but I can be so stubborn.

I did manage to squeeze out this cute little bag (in probably about double the time it would normally take me because of all of the mistakes).

I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of time, but now I will listen to my body and just have a little down time with a bad movie.

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Lately, I have many things I am working on. It always seems like I do. But this time, it feels therapeutic, in a way.

The stress over taking our little one to the endocrinologist and her upcoming test is making itself known through my body. I thought I was coping well, and rationalizing with the best of ’em, but my back says differently. My sciatic nerve is screaming at me day and night, along with that knee I injured a while back. It is a “sound” I can do without right now.

Sewing relieves a bit of it, even though my aches persist while I am. I can put my mind to good use. I can make things. Slowly I forget to worry, and find myself caught up in a wonderful world of creation. Plus I am being productive. I enjoy that.

It always helps to have a purpose when creating. I have 3 upcoming Birthdays and a new nephew on the way.

Ah. That’s plenty.

For one of the little girl’s Birthdays, I was asked (by her parents) to make her something. They told me she likes to tie scarves around her waist when  pretending to be different animals, so they asked me to make her…


I love love love this idea. It is beyond brilliant. I had so much fun coming up with the specifics for it.

Major distraction.

Of course, now my little girl wants some too!

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