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The Day After

Today was an incredible contrast to yesterday. We spent the day in the Pediatric ICU in the hospital in the city. Today we found ourselves breathing the fresh air and soaking up the sunshine and playing with friends. I am thinking it was all the more appreciated and enjoyable because of how we spent the day before. Mmm Hmmm.


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Batik Phase Three

It is done- and IT IS AWESOME!

If you are even slightly interested in doing this~ I highly recommend you give it a whirl. Seriously easy with beautiful results!

So get yourself some glue, paint, fabric and over to That Artist Woman.

I’d love to see what you make!

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Batik Phase Two

Hold on to your hats…here is Phase Two!


I painted over the design with a watered-down acrylic paint.

You may have to wait a day or two for the completion of this project. My little one and I are heading in for her test tomorrow, so I may be a bit drained…but you never know!

Stay tuned for more fun.

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Batik Phase One

I found this awesome tutorial on doing Batik with Children at That Artist Woman blog. It is so simple and brilliant that I just have to try it!

I plan on doing this project with my kids and the two I babysit on Fridays. Before I tried with a 2,4,5 and 10 year old, I decided to do a test run first.

This is Phase One.

Glue the design.

Did you ever notice how slowly glue dries when you watch it?

Oh well. I will have to complete Phase Two tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

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My little one has another one of her Big Tests coming up. I always like to include a few nice surprises from home, and some homemade goodness to put in her bag. It seems to take the edge off the day (for both of us).

I made her a little sundress with these adorable Pleated Pockets from the Made by Rae Tutorial.

They came out so great. I plan to use these a lot more!

On another note, our older daughter went through a Rite of Passage today.

She mowed the Lawn for the first time! *sniff* I am so proud. *sniff*

It gave her such a feeling of accomplishment and she felt incredibly special being trusted to do this important “grown-up” job.

I like that.

I will just have to think up more “grown-up” jobs for her soon!

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My Day Filled

A whole lot of crafting is in the planning stage, as well as a major Blog change. I will be changing over to my own Domain Name very soon, and giving this Blog a total makeover~ including a new name ( I will keep you all informed).

While that is all percolating, life must and does go on as usual.

All of the sights and sounds and smells still fill my day to the brim, and make it all the richer.

Here are a few images from this woven tapestry of sensory stimulation I call my day.

First, smell and taste these…

…Cause it’s all about the food…AND Coffee.

Squish your hands down in that mud.

Feast your eyes on this beauty I got for FREE on Big Tent.

The one sad thing I have to report today is our old car died. She was 250,000 miles young. This was the very first big purchase my husband and I bought together before we were married. Brand new then in 1994. She has served us well. Carried us out West from the East coast. Brought our oldest home from the hospital after she was born. Even been a man-cave/sanctuary on wheels for my husband for a few years now, and has gotten him to and from work safely and effectively. We will miss you old girl.

Here she is in her natural habitat.

~I think I hear TAPS being played ever so softly in the distance~

::What things have you heard and smelled and seen today?::

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Being a parent isn’t always easy. There are those moments (and sometimes days) that add up to make even the Zen-parent break.

Today I woke up and got everything done (and a shower) before we had to go to preschool. I was feeling good, and full of energy (after all of my morning chores), and noticed we had a few strawberries that were getting soft, so I made my daughter a homemade smoothie.

Woo hoo. Mom of the year, right?

I gave my daughter an extra large travel mug (without a lid) and a straw. What a splendid day!

We get into the car and I even let her take it with us so she could finish it before school (I’m that cool). About halfway there, I hear “Oh NO!”.

Never a good sound.

Her cup that was half full of strawberry smoothie dropped.onto.the.floor.

It is moments like these that alone, aren’t terrible. They are fixable. They add to the ups and downs~the roller coaster of life. But when combined with the dishes and laundry and endless questions and about a thousand other things that Moms do, they are enough to make a Nun curse (not that she has children…I’m just sayin’).

So our day goes on. I clean up the smoothie, take a cleansing breath, and move on. My day is filled with making food and more cleaning, and accidents (of the pee variety), and more laundry and more food, homework, and mediating, talking and more questions. In the grand scheme of things, not horrible. A few moments, but nothing earth shattering. Really, a good day.

I have this blog to highlight all of the wonderful and creative and memorable things in my life. Mostly so that I can appreciate them even when I am having a not-so-great day (and to share with all of you). I have also found that by admitting there are moments that I want to stop time and have my double stand in (if only) helps me to appreciate my life and my children and the beauty of even the chaotic unexpected days as well.

What was your day like?

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