To Market To Market

We will be at the Kingston Farmer’s Market tomorrow with our Bagels.

Much sleep needs to be had…so I leave you with this image that sums it all up.

Hope to see you there tomorrow!


Busy as a Bee

I have been so incredibly busy as of late. Between being one car down, and theĀ  Farmer’s market season beginning, and dealing with our little one’s testing, and developing new products as well as a new website, *inhales deeply*

I have been in constant motion.

I thought I would share a bit of what I am up to with all of you.

Making tags with my new name!

Making Accessories!

Making More Accessories!

Making Kids’ Place settings!

*please notice all of the Exclamation points as I am very excited about all of it!*

Making cool things for our Garden!

If you’d like to make your own “Tipsy Pots” there is a great tutorial over at Gardens and Crafts.

Well, that is all I can show you today because the most important of all of these things that I do, is Sleep… And I must go do that now!

What have you been up to?

Dream Tutu

I am adding new products to my booth at the Farmer’s Market this year (and my new website-coming soon), as well as changing my name. This Dream Tutu is a sneak peek of what I will have!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments~or write me an email.

I can’t wait to do more of these!

I will refrain from using too many words, and use my images to tell you of our day.

I hope your day was as full as mine.

Full of activity, full of sun, full of love.

We had a jam~packed day of selling bagels at the Kingston Farmer’s Market and going to a Flower Fairy party. Here are some images from our spectacular day with Market folk, Fairy Folk, and friends.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Fantastic Day!

Tulle to Whirl

The Farmer’s Market season has begun, and I have been thinking of revamping the products I sell. With that in mind, I have been playing with dress-up items.

Today I gave a Tulle Ballerina/Fairy/Princess Skirt a whirl (so to speak).

I think it whirled well.

This weekend we may be at the Farmer’s Market with our Bagels if all of the permits go through in time. *crosses fingers*

I’ll keep you all informed.

Hope to see you down there!

This is what I heard tonight as I was helping my 10 year old with homework and trying to get my 4 year old’s teeth brushed and cleaning up from dinner. All.At.Once.

With a paper in her hand, my 4 year old says “Can I tell you a story?“.

Um, well, OK. Why not?

This is what she “wrote”.

A bloody lip feels better with medicine for lips.

Happy is good.

Sad, Not so much.

Whatever I was doing before was forgotten momentarily as I entered the mind of this little person. My older daughter burst into a fit of laughter and I sat there happily perplexed.

I have no idea how she arrives at what she says because there doesn’t seem to be a logical trail that I can follow. Maybe that is why I think it is worth remembering. This is a time in her life that is not supposed to always make sense and be relevant. It is a time for creative impulses and frivolity. A time to tell stories. A simple time where Happy is Good. Sad~not so much.

A magical time indeed.